Operational energy results do not change with different schedule assignments


I have been using umi for a study of the effect of different occupancy schedules on an earlier model developed by our research team. The problem is whenever I assign a different set of templates to my buildings (these have the same construction inputs but different schedules) my results from the operational energy simulation do not even change a bit (I checked and all my schedules cover the full year so this is not the problem). Could you please help me find this error?



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I found the answer to my question and figured it might be helpful for others to share it here:

- Our model was developed with a previous version of the umi software which had bugs. There is a command to update your model, but it not effective in 100% of the situations. Sometimes, you need to build your model from scratch to make sure it works.

- I cannot simulate the entire model (it is a big urban model) in one run. It might be an issue with my PC's memory, but you can work around it by running your simulation in multiple batches instead.

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In Short

Umi is a Rhino-based design environment for architects and urban planners interested in modeling the environmental performance of neighborhoods and cities with respect to operational and embodied energy use, walkability and daylighting potential. Since 2012, Umi has been  developed by the Sustainable Design Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with support from a National Science Foundation EFRI_SEED project, the MIT Energy Initiative, the Kuwait-MIT Center, the Center for Complex Engineering Systems (CCES) at KACST and MIT, Transsolar Climate Engineering and United Technologies Corporation. Further tool developed is now also being conducted at the Environmental Systems Lab at Cornell University.

A first public version of Umi was released during a public symposium on Sustainable Urban Design on May 6th 2013 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Version 2.0, which also includes an embodied energy module, was released on November 7th 2014.

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